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About Us

Our Story

2IQ was founded in 2016 as a privately owned business, with a vision to provide affordable, entirely cloud-based solutions for SMEs. The founders have 50 years combined experience in software development, business intelligence and predictive analytics. They knew first-hand how expensive and time-consuming delivering previous solutions had been with older, on-premises solutions and technology. With the rapidly emerging and maturing Microsoft Azure and Power BI cloud platforms, we saw the opportunity to leverage these to provide solutions to customers far more quickly and affordably. And ultimately, deliver solutions to customers who previously wouldn’t have been able to afford them.

We also wanted to focus on providing end to end solutions to customers, rather than be a ‘technology’ provider. This means in some cases we provide front end web apps, business intelligence, or a seamless combination of both. But the focus is always on understanding customers’ needs and requirements first and foremost and delivering solutions fit for purpose that will help a business to both save time and be more profitable.

Today, we have grown to a team delivering and maintaining solutions to dozens of customers across multiple industries, including hospitality, retail, trade, manufacturing and health.

Meet The Team

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