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Essential, real-time insights to run your business

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Sales Insights 

How do my sales compare to last year? what are my highest sellers?

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Gross Margin Analysis

How does my store's GP compare to national and regional averages, and what's the total $$ opportunity?

Inventory Analysis

What are my fastest moving products and current stock on hand? what are my slow and dead stock products?

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More Report Suites..
Pipeline and Job Management Reporting

How much work is in the backlog? How does actual cost compare to quote on current jobs?

In-Depth Financial Reporting

P&L, gross margins, expenses and trend analysis

How it works
1. Connect your data sources

Securely connect to a wide range of data sources* across POS, rostering and financials

*check out partners for a list of sources or suggest someone new

MyIQ Data Sources.png
2. Synch your data automatically

MyIQ incrementally synchs your data automatically (in real-time if necessary) and stores it in a fully secure, Enterprise-grade, cloud data warehouse (SQL Azure). This can also be scaled to many sites if required. This includes industry-standard encryption, geo-redundancy and authentication.

3. Connect up your reporting

You can either use and customise MyIQ's 'out of the box' Power BI report suites or connect up your own reporting to the data warehouse directly.

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4. Brand the app as your own 

Publish Power BI reports (using power BI Embedded) via the MyIQ app, but using your own branding and colouring. Then provide access for multiple users and specify which sites and reports they have access to.

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